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Not A Noble Birth



Reformed theology emphasizes the doctrines of grace, best known by the acronym TULIP, though this does not correspond to the best possible names for the five doctrines.


T stands for total depravity. This does not mean that all persons are as bad as they could possibly be. It means rather that all human beings are affected by sin in every area of thought and conduct so that nothing that comes out of anyone apart from the regenerating grace of God can please God. As far as our relationships to God are concerned, we are all so ruined by sin that no one can properly understand either God or God's ways. Nor do we seek God, unless He is first at work within us to lead us to do so.


U stands for unconditional election. An emphasis on election bothers many people, but the problem they feel is not actually with election; it is with depravity. If sinners are as helpless in their depravity as the Bible says they are, unable to know and unwilling to seek God, then the only way they could possibly be saved is for God to take the initiative to change and save them. This is what election means. It is God choosing to save those who, apart from His sovereign choice and subsequent action, certainly would perish.

November 13, 2016 ~ Jonathan Edwards ~ Is God really a God of Wrath?  Is His love sufficient to keep us from His wrath?  Is God's wrath real?  Is it fierce?  Is it something people should be afraid of?  Was He a God of Wrath at one time, but now is not?  How close are people from spending eternity in hell?  These questions are answered in this message from the Word of God.  


Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Grace Giving, The New Testament Way

Sitting In the Seat of the Scornful

Permanent or Transient?

Christian Adornment

New!   January 1, 2017 ~ 1 Peter 2:18-25 ~ How should people recognize a Christian?  Should they recognize them by their good works?  Should they recognize them by their words?  Should the Christian be recognized as a person having an agenda?  Please join us in our study of I Peter 2, as we view our position and response to those God has placed in authority over us.  Our study from God's Word tells us how Christians are to be adorned.   


December 25, 2016 ~  1Corinthians 1:20-30 ~ What does it mean to be born of ‘noble birth’?  Would you consider yourself to be born of noble birth?  Was Jesus born a noble birth?  Join us as we take a look at these questions from our text in 1 Corinthians chapter one.




Prepared Minds

Prepared Minds

Prepared Minds

December 18, 2016 ~ Psalm 1:1 ~ What is a scorner?  From where does the scorner derive his wisdom?  What are the characteristics of the scorner?  Is it possible for a scorner to have a desire for a relationship with God?  Please join us this Lord's Day for our worship of God.   

God's Design for Individual Identity and Expression